Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Official Website

A new website for all this Me. Check it out, you can also head over to my youtube channel and subscribe.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Digs/New Studio Space.

After several years of trying to sell our house, we did it!! We were able to get into a bigger place for our family. The first time we tried to sell it was on the market for over a year. This time we got and offer in 6 days. We sold it with a turd in the toilet that wasn't flushed, compliments of our 3 year old. So this time it must have been meant to be, six days on the market and then an offer with the toilet seat up and a turd in the toilet. The other funny thing was that our new neighbor with the noisy diesel truck that he would let idle in his driveway and wake us up in the morning or at night, had been gone for four months working in Texas. The day we moved out he returned, just in time for the new neighbors.

Needless to say, we feel very blessed. 4 member's of the Elders Quorum in my church, and two of my brothers showed up to help us move all the big and heavy stuff to our new home. My brother who works for a flour mill even let us use the mills big truck. Thanks to all those guys and anyone else that helped us get here. We now feel like we have room to grow, and I will finally be able to build that beauty salon for Tyra. As for now, here is a glimps at the new space for my Recording studio/Music room.

Chicken Pickin.......

So this is what playing in a country band for a year did to me. I love Brad Paisley guitar picking. This is me covering his song "Ticks" on guitar.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Brandon Flowers

So I guess I didn't know anything about Brandon Flowers, the lead singer of the Killers. Apparently he is from Utah or at least spent some of his youth here before moving to Vegas. He is also Mormon. Why do I care? I haven't been a huge Killers fan but I like some of their stuff, so I guess I didn't pay much attention until now.

A couple of years ago I found some old friends from my mission that I severed for the Church Of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints(The Mormon Church). I found them on facebook and then proceeded to check out their profiles and found out that some of their children had grown up to be quite the musicians. So last year I offered to record some music for them in my home studio when they came out to Utah, and I spent a few days with them recording some of their demos. A very talented family. At the time their group was called "Bynow" and consisted of three siblings Rachel, Adam and Sarah Kaiser, but they have since changed their name to "The Neighbors". Sarah got married and moved away and Adam and Rachel are still out Rocking with their piano based rock as "The Neighbors".

So what does this have to do with Brandon Flowers, well not a whole lot, I don't know him but I know Rachel, and apparently Rachel has been on tour with him singing back ups and playing a little bit of keyboard for his solo album. Go Rachel! I think this is very cool and am glad to see Adam and Rachel out their following there dreams. And, imagine my surprise when I saw Rachel on Jay Leno last night singing with Brandon Flowers. She is the beautiful blond back up singer in this video, and will also be performing on Jimmy Kimmel tomorrow night.

You can check out the Neighbors right here in this next video. It will only be a matter time until you see them performing their own music on Jay Leno. Go Rachel and Adam!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

My Studio

I have had the opportunity of working with a lot of local talent here in Utah. This video is a compilation of some of the work I have done with others as well as my own in my studio.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Shred This Three

While I am not that much of a shredder anymore. I entered a contest on youtube for shredders. If you do not know what the definition of shredding is on guitar. Shredding= playing so many notes so fast that there's no room for any feeling to sneak in? Because, gee whiz, who has time for any of that pesky emotional stuff?
Whoever plays the fastest can get to the end of the song quickest!

Anyway, my take on it was to take a more blues feel in sound and feel. I am sure some kid who has time to play all day will win.

Disclaimer I make some weird faces when I played this and don't realize until I go back and check it out. So sorry.

If you want to view the other amazing entry's in this competition, go here.